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The term demosphere refers to the layer of the atmosphere where people live, work and play - where all global activity occurs, and where we all share in the spectacle and triumphs of participatory sports.


Our Mission

Our Mission

Demosphere's mission is to provide authentic, industry-leading technology solutions for organized sports, accommodating the needs of all levels of organizations, and all levels of users, with an ethical approach to how to impact the greater community.


Our Values

Our Story


Demosphere has been providing expertise to the youth sports market for over 27 years. Our roots go back before World Cup ‘94 USA, before the soccer boom of today, before the Internet. Our founder, Jay Baker, has had a long history of technical pioneering and used this prowess to quickly propel Demosphere to the top of the soccer world, where he became the chairman of the World Cup Volunteer Technology Task Force. Consulting with FIFA, and contributing to work for the founding of MLS in 1996 spawned the invention of web-based products that have been used by the greater soccer community for decades.


Demosphere continues to build upon this foundation of leading-edge technology solutions. We’ve been serving the needs of the youth sports community for decades; evolving over the years to continue pioneering, while staying in sync with the members of our small, but growing community. Our team believes passionately about the needs of our members, and we will always strive to provide cutting edge solutions for complicated needs.


Over the years we’ve witnessed a surge in the interest in soccer in the U.S., and with that growth comes money and business interest. At our core, Demosphere can always be depended upon to do the right thing; make the right decisions; for the benefit of our employees, our members, and the greater community. Because of this deep rooted feeling, protecting the data of our youth with state-of-the-art security and privacy is something we take very seriously and we will continue to educate the community on its importance.


Part of Demosphere’s mission is to serve all levels of members with an ethical approach to how we impact the greater community. Whether it’s players and parents, coaches and team staff, registrars and admins, or board members and governing bodies; we want to connect organizations by sharing ideas and best practices, as well as the wealth of knowledge we have acquired over the years. We also support an open community of service providers, working together to remove integration roadblocks, to create a true sports network.

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