Miles Baker

Vice President - Product Development

Education: West Virginia University

Other Information: Mr. Baker has been with Demosphere since April 1997. He is primarily responsible for the development and management of Demosphere’s service products. Mr. Baker is additionally responsible for the initial graphic design and ergonomics of new accounts.

In 1998, Mr. Baker directly supported FIFA On-Line’s activities in Paris during World Cup France ’98, and was detailed to London to develop the official web site for Manchester United. In 1994, he worked for Home Team Sports (HTS) as an Assistant to the Producer and studio camera operator for the live weekly television show “Soccer ’94” which went from a local program in the Washington, D.C. area, to being broadcast live in six different countries during the 26 weeks prior to World Cup USA ’94.

In 1993, Mr. Baker was a Criminal Defense Investigator for the Washington, DC District Court system, where he conducted interviews and investigations for criminal cases. Mr. Baker regularly plays in competitive amateur soccer leagues and is an avid DC United soccer fan.

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