Protecting the data of our youth with state of the art security and privacy


Looking to partner with someone you can trust to take care of your data, your members' privacy and has your best interests in mind?

When it comes to protecting your data and the personally identifing information of our youth, the integrity of Demosphere's policies and practices are second to none.

Over the years we’ve witnessed a surge in the interest in soccer and other youth sports in the U.S., and with that growth comes an influx money and business interest, not always in the interest of the customer. At our core, Demosphere has demonstrated unwaivering dependability for doing the right thing; making the ethical decisions; for the benefit of our employees, our members, and the greater community.

Because of this deep rooted core value, protecting the data of our youth with state-of-the-art security and privacy is something we take very seriously, and we will continue to educate the community on its importance.

Please review our Privacy Policy for any questions surrounding how we approach data management of our members and their end users.

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