Data Protection and Security Features

Demosphere’s security policy is based on a fundamental obligation to its clients to protect their membership lists and sensitive information.

Demosphere has managed membership lists since the Company was founded over 24 years ago. Demosphere’s systems are managed by professionals in data security and maintenance of personally identifiable information.

Data Protection

It’s simple – Demosphere stores customer data securely and does not provide or sell it to any third parties.

Want more information? Check out our Privacy Policy.

SSL Encryption

All sensitive data collected through our tools are encrypted using the strongest level of SSL protection – 2048 bit –  to ensure no data is compromised during transmission.

Secure Coding

Our entire in-house development team is trained on the principles of secure coding. Comprehensive tools analyze existing and new code for potential vulnerabilities.

All new code is deployed according to a scheduled development cycle which includes a comprehensive review by multiple persons.

PCI Compliance

This compliance with credit card security standards confirms that Demosphere can process payments securely online. Monthly audits confirm ongoing compliance.

Off-Site Hosting

Demosphere’s infrastructure is located in an industrial strength, off-site facility with multiple electrical and Internet connection backups.

Ongoing Protection

As the industry evolves and new threats are addressed (like the much-publicized Heartbleed vulnerability), Demosphere stays ahead of the curve to make sure data stays secure.



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