Facebook – Updates & Best Practices

Facebook is constantly evolving – and a recent update to business pages has administrators adjusting again.

During this Maximize Demosphere session, we discuss these new changes and how to take best advantage of Facebook with your youth sports organization.

A PDF version of the slides is available here.

Facebook Updates & Best Practices

The session covered the following key topics:

  • Updated Page Layouts – Facebook page layouts for businesses have changed! Posts are now in one column instead of two, and a new second column shows specific business information as well as pictures, reviews, and more. Make sure your page has all the necessary items completed!
  • Page Posts – When you take time to post something on Facebook, give yourself the best chance to have that content seen by those that “LIKE” your page. For starters, make sure every post has a picture! Also consider what you want people to do once they’ve seen the post. What’s the call to action?
  • Insights & Advertising – Facebook offers comprehensive Insights to track performance and optimize your posts. There are a few areas that offer data you can use immediately. Separately, consider a small budget for Facebook Advertising. Fewer people are seeing your posts by default, so it makes sense to promote key items to have them seen by a wider audience.

If you have any questions about specific items discussed during this session, please contact our Support Team at support @ demosphere.com.

We hope you can join us for a future Maximize Demosphere session!

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