Field Planning For Game Scheduling

The most precious resource for many organizations are fields, and making sure they are allocated properly is extremely important.

During this Maximize Demosphere session, we discuss best practices for managing field availability for leagues and tournament using Demosphere’s web-based tools.

A PDF version of the slides is available here.

The session covered the following key topics:

  • Adding and Managing Fields – In order to use the system effectively, all complexes and fields must be entered. Once everything is in, administrators can indicate specific availability for each field with a collection of filtering and sorting options.
  • Common Scheduling Issues – How do you account for issues such as holidays? Age-specific events like SAT/ACT testing? Field prioritizing? Age group-specific blackouts? We discuss how to account for these scenarios properly.
  • Additional Ideas – With all those exceptions, how do you find additional field space after using blackouts? Specific audit tools are discussed that make the scheduler’s job easier.

If you have any questions about specific features discussed during this session, please contact our Support Team.

We hope you can join us for a future Maximize Demosphere session!

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