Team Formation Wizardry

The March edition of Maximize Demosphere focused on Team Formation Wizardry and is featured below. Click to download a copy of the slides in PDF format. The slides are available to view as well with no narration.

We divided our session into four parts:

    • Setup. The setup can be done ahead of time – this can save additional time when it actually is time to assign players to teams.
      • Age Group Setup. Setup your age groups for the season while confirming there are no groups with overlapping birthdates.
      • Teams. Either re-use existing teams or create new teams.
      • Team Groups. Associate the specific teams with their appropriate age group – once done, players can be added to these teams.

Coaches and Team Assignors. As assigning draws near, make sure coaches are situated and team assignors are given proper access rights.

      • Link w/ Children. For coaches with players in the program, link them together to make sure they’re assigned to the same team. This is also a chance to review all volunteers – make sure you have enough for the season!
      • Play Up/Down. Review placement requests that fall outside a player’s default age group. Approve or deny particular requests.
      • Team Assignor Setup. First, re-assign any existing Assignors if they will be assisting again. Then add new Assignors. Finally, filter by age group to confirm that all age groups are covered.

Team Building. Demosphere’s Team Builder is extremely flexible and allows you to see any cross-section of data.

      • Sort Fields. Choose which fields from registration you would like to display and sort by any of them.
      • Configure. Determine how many players to show by default.
      • Filter. For example, show only unassigned players meeting certain criteria – and assign those immediately.
      • Sibling Check. Confirm the presence of any siblings in the same age group and assign appropriately.

Roster Generation. During the actual event, there are ways to distribute responsibility effectively.

    • Templates. Use an existing roster template or create your own using any player data you choose.
    • Generate. Rosters can be printed as a PDF file and/or emailed directly to coaches.

Hopefully the items mentioned in the session will help save time during the team assignment process! We hope you can join us for a future Maximize Demosphere session!

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