Tournament Management Productivity

The February edition of Maximize Demosphere focused on Tournament Management Productivity Boosts and is featured below.

We divided our time savings ideas into three categories during the session:

  • Applications. Time savings start as early as the application phase of your event.
    • Credit Card Only. Is it troublesome to accept payments by check? Do some checks bounce? It may make sense to look at only accepting payments by credit card to lessen the administrative burden.
    • Roster Collection. Does your event need to collect team rosters? Ask for a preliminary roster on the application. In addition, you can also give teams the ability to log back into their application and make updates as the event gets closer. This saves time during team check in on the eve of the event.
    • Be clear about Next Steps. Take advantage of your confirmation email as well as mass email capabilities to keep all teams informed. This is much more time efficient than answering individual questions as they come in.
  • Scheduling. Game scheduling usually requires the bulk of your effort as the event draws near.
    • Plan Division Structures Early. Even before all applications have been submitted, you will probably have a good idea of your available fields and the ideal division structures. By planning these early – in terms of number of teams, number of games they’ll play, etc, things are more plug-and-play ready once the accepted teams are determined.
    • Field Permits. If you’ve used Demosphere’s Tournament Management System before, you can carry forward last year’s Field Permits to save time. Even if things aren’t 100% the same, you can save time by tweaking rather than creating from scratch.
  • Scorekeeping. During the actual event, there are ways to distribute responsibility effectively.
    • Score Reporting. Who is responsible for reporting game scores? The winning team? A referee? Someone on site? Make this process known and be consistent. Once determined, that person or persons can use a variety of methods to update things – your website, an 800-number, or our PhoneItIn™ app.
    • Edit Blank Scores. Running this report can help display which games don’t have results entered. With this information, you can follow up with the appropriate people to make sure all games are reported.
    • Automate Playoff Assignments. Assuming all scores are entered, Demosphere’s Tournament Management System can advance teams to playoff games with only a quick review on your part!

Hopefully the items mentioned in the session will help save time during future events! We hope you can join us for a future Maximize Demosphere session!

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