Website No-No’s

This edition of our Maximize Demosphere Webinar Series focused on Website No-No’s and is featured below. Click to download a copy of the slides in PDF format.

Our topics for discussion included:

  • Site Navigation. As a user, how easy is it to find specific content?
    • Available Options – How does your site format the experience? Are there a small number of available options or an overwhelming array of choices?
    • Focus – Have a goal in mind for your website visitors – what do you want them to do when they get to the site? Register? Donate? Volunteer? Make it apparent.
  • Integrating Web & Social Channels.
    • Work Together – Our presentation looks at one example of an organization doing well on YouTube with training videos. Then, when visiting their site, the videos are nowhere to be found. Why?
    • Return To Site – Remember, the overall goal of your different social channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) is to get users back to your site – ideally to do what you want them to do! Always keep that in mind.
  • Care. Quite simply, if you don’t care about your site, why should a viewer? If items are spelled wrong, updated infrequently, or simply off-putting, you’re doing more harm than good.

We hope you can join us for a future Maximize Demosphere session!

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